Airshow Koksijde 6 & 7 July 2002

serial aircraft squadron remarks
RS01 Seaking Mk.48 40 Sqn Flying
RS02 Seaking Mk.48 40 Sqn Flying
RS03 Seaking Mk.48 40 Sqn Static
RS04 Seaking Mk.48 40 Sqn Flying
RS05 (s/c) Seaking Mk.48 40 Sqn Flying
OT-ZPB/M2 SA.316B 40 Sqn Flying
OT-ZPC/M3 SA.316B 40 Sqn Static
OT-ZKD/B-4 S.58 40 Sqn Static
A-37 SA.318C 21 log W Static
H-07 A.109HO 17 Bn HATk Flying
H-14 A.109HO SLV Static
H-24 A.109HA 17 Bn HATk (Sunday only)
G-14 MD520 Federal Police Support (Saturday only)
G-10 MD900 Federal Police Support (Sunday only)
ST42 SF260MD 1W Static
ST48 SF260MD 1W Static
AT03 A-jet E 1W Static
AT23 A-jet E 1W Spare
AT26 (solo/c) A-jet E 1W Flying
MT13 (red/c) CM.170R 33 Sqn Flying,Spare
MT14 (solo/c) CM.170R 33 Sqn Flying,Spare
MT48 (red/c) CM.170R 33 Sqn Static
CH02 C-130H 20 Sqn Flying (paradrop)
CH05 C-130H 20 Sqn Static
CE03 ERJ-145LR 21 Sqn Static/Flying
CD01 Falcon 900 21 Sqn Visitor (Saturday only)
CS02 HS748 21 Sqn Static
FA49 F-16A 1 Sqn Static
FA57 F-16AM 2W Flying
FA58 F-16AM 2W Spare
FB22 F-16BM 10W Static
283 B-Hunter 80 Bn UAV Static
OO-LEE SV-4E Private Static
OO-LED (ex AdlA 388) SV-4C Private Static
OO-MOR (ex FAF 279) MS.317 Flying Legends Static/Flying
OO-USN (ex USAF 42-16532) PT-17 Flying Legends Static/Flying
OO-TGM (ex RAF BB731) DH.82A Tiger Moth Flying Legends Static/Flying
OO-JKT Fw.33J Flying Legends Static/Flying
OO-SVT (ex FAF 9) SV-4D Flying Legends Static/Flying
OO-D55 Ultra light WAC Static
OO-JBO Robin 2160i Private Static
OO-FBI Robin DR.400/120 Private Static
OO-VIW/L-33 Piper Super Cup Private Static
OO-AZM Piper Super Cup Private Static
OO-VAD Firefly Private Static
OO-NUE Pitts Private Static
OO-DAN Jodel D.112F Private Static
OO-FTO C.172 Private Static
OO-VMH ("90+36" ex. 90+16) FWP.149D Private Static
OO-CNC C.172 Private Static

serial aircraft squadron remarks
T-404 T-17 Flyveskolan Flying/Static
T-421 T-17 Flyveskolan Flying/Static
T-425 T-17 Flyveskolan Flying/Static
T-428 T-17 Flyveskolan Flying/Static
T-432 T-17 Flyveskolan Flying/Static
E-203 F-16AM Esk 730 Static
ET-199 F-16BM Esk 730 Static

serial aircraft squadron remarks
E-6/7-HR Jaguar E EC01.007 Flying
E-30/7-HW Jaguar E EC01.007 Spare
E-40/7-HX Jaguar E EC01.007 Flying
314/2314 Allouette III 22S Aeronavale Static
1811/JCL AS.350B Ecureuil Gendarmerie Static
156/ABT TBM700 EAAT Flying

serial aircraft squadron remarks
43+90 Tornado IDS JBG38 Static
38+46 F-4F JG-71 Static
87+55 BO-105P HFVS910 Static

serial aircraft squadron remarks
HA-SIF S50LS Aerotriga Flying
HA-SIH S50LS Aerotriga Flying
HA-SIJ S50LS Aerotriga Flying

serial aircraft squadron remarks
MM7197/32-21 AMX 101 Gruppo/32 Stormo Static
MM7126 (s/c) AMX 101 Gruppo/32 Stormo Static
MM54513/61-63 MB339A 212 Gruppo/61 Stormo Static
MM54484/61-101 MB339A 212 Gruppo/61 Stormo Static
MM54261/4-42 TF-104G 20 Gruppo/4 Stormo Static

The Netherlands
serial aircraft squadron remarks
D-663 (SFOR mks) CH-47D 298 Sqn Static (Sunday only)
Q-23 AH-64D 302 Sqn Static (Sunday only)
PH-DHC/S-9 Beaver RNLAF Historical Flight Static (Sunday only)
L-11 PC-7 131 Sqn EMVO Flying (Sunday only)

United Kingdom
serial aircraft squadron remarks
XX484/CU-566 Jetstream T.2 750 Sqn Static
ZE418/CU-182 Seaking AEW.2 849 Sqn Static
ZH544 Seaking MK.3 22sq/B Flt Static
ZA134/CU-825 Seaking MK.5 810 Sqn Static
XV674/L-15 Seaking MK.6 820 Sqn Static
ZJ131/P Merlin MK.3 28 Sqn Static/Flying
XX335/CR Hawk T.1 100 Sqn Static
XZ115/PD Jaguar GR.3 16(R) Sqn Flying
ZD810/TTD Tornado GR.4 15(R) Sqn Spare
ZG794/F Tornado GR.4 15(R) Sqn Flying
PA474/WS-J Lancaster BBMF Flying
AB910/RF-D Spittfire LF.5D BBMF Flying
LF363/JX-B Hurricane BBMF Flying

United States of America
serial aircraft squadron remarks
85-0066/EL B-1B 37th BS Flying (Saturday only)
62-3538/D KC-135R 351st ARS 100st ARW Static
64-0527/RS C-130E 37th AS Static