Airshow Koksijde 1 & 2 July 2006

serial aircraft squadron remarks
RS01 Seaking Mk.48 40 Sqn Standby, pleasureflights
RS02 Seaking Mk.48 40 Sqn In maintenance
RS03 Seaking Mk.48 40 Sqn Static
RS05 (s/c) Seaking Mk.48 40 Sqn Flying (Saturday)
M1 SA.316B 40 Sqn Spare
M2 SA.316B 40 Sqn Flying
M3 SA.316B 40 Sqn Static
A-53 SA.318C SLV Koksijde Flying
A-65 SA.318C SLV Koksijde Static
H-23 A.109BA Heli Wing Flying
H-28 A.109BA Heli Wing Static
ST17 SF.260M 1W Static
ST20 (s/c) SF.260M 1W Static
AT17 A-jet E 1W Static
MT26 (red/c) CM.170R 33 Sqn Flying
MT35 CM.170R 33 Sqn Static
MT40 (red/c) CM.170R 33 Sqn Flying
CH12 C-130H 20 Sqn Static
CE02 ERJ-135LR 21 Sqn Static
CE04 ERJ-145LR 21 Sqn Pleasureflights
CM01 Falcon 20 21 Sqn Static
FA81 F-16AM 10W Base attack
FA100 F-16AM 10W Base attack (Saturday)
FA107 F-16AM 2W Static
FA118 F-16AM 10W Static (Saturday), Base attack (Sunday)
FA126 F-16AM 2W Spare
FA131 F-16AM 2W Flying
FB23 F-16BM 10W Static
LB01 L.21B Luchtkadetten Static
PL78 Grob G102 Astir Luchtkadetten Static
280 B-Hunter 80 Sqn UAV Static
RA-3085K Yak 52 Private Static
G-CBSR Yak 52 Private Static
N51AF Pitts S.2 Private Flying
OO-NUE Pitts S.2 Private Static
OO-VIW/L-33 Piper Super Cub Private Static
OO-USN Boeing Stearman Flying Legends Flying
OO-TGM Tiger Moth Flying Legends Flying
OO-SVT SV-4C Flying Legends Flying
OO-PAX/V-5 SV-4B Private Flying
OO-SPM SV-4C Private Static
OO-LUK/V-41 SV-4B Private Static
OO-MMD SV-4C Private Static
OO-GWB/V-29 SV-4C Private Flying
OO-DAF/H-50 T-6 Harvard Private Flying
N60LT PC-7 Private Static
PC-12 Private Static
OO-DOU Jetranger Private Static
D-EQCO Diamond Private Static
OO-JBO Robin R.2160 Private Static
OO-EBU Piper PA.28 The Victors Flying
OO-DAT Piper PA.28 The Victors Flying
OO-VCU Piper PA.28 The Victors Flying
OO-JMF Piper PA.28 Private Static
OO-NZA Cessna 150 Private Static
OO-HBT Cessna 150 Private Static
OO-PNP Cessna 150 Private Static
OO-GJY Cessna 150 Private Static
OO-D44 FK.9 Private Static
OO-MOM Commander 114B Private Static
OO-141 Glasair IIS-RG Private Static
OO-CUD Cessna 172N Private Static
OO-FTO Cessna 172R Private Pleasureflights
OO-MMJ Cessna 172R Private Pleasureflights
D-GVCC Twin Star Private Static
G-XFLY Mission M.212 Lambert Aircraft Static
F-JPQX Mission M.106 Lambert Aircraft Static

Czech Republic
serial aircraft squadron remarks
9240 JAS39C Gripen Flying
6050 L-159A Alca Flying
6057 L-159A Alca Static

serial aircraft squadron remarks
T-403 Saab T-17 Supporter FLSK Flying
T-407 Saab T-17 Supporter FLSK Flying
T-410 Saab T-17 Supporter FLSK Flying
T-411 Saab T-17 Supporter FLSK Spare
T-418 Saab T-17 Supporter FLSK Flying

serial aircraft squadron remarks
889/MCC PC-6 ECTM Static
24 SA365 Dauphin 35F Static (Sunday only)
143 Falcon 10MER 57S Static
16/5-OX Mirage 2000C EC02.005 Spare (Saturday only)
17/5-OZ Mirage 2000C EC02.005 Flying (Saturday only)
E-22/314-LS Alpha jet E EAC00.314 Spare (Saturday only)
E-72/314-LA Alpha jet E EAC00.314 Flying (Saturday only)
90/F-SEXG/0 TB-30 Ypsilon Cartouche Dorée Flying (Saturday only)
101/F-SEXR/1 TB-30 Ypsilon Cartouche Dorée Spare (Saturday only)
102/F-SEXS/2 TB-30 Ypsilon Cartouche Dorée Flying (Saturday only)
141/F-SEZF/4 TB-30 Ypsilon Cartouche Dorée Flying (Saturday only)
F-AZGU/U-1229 Vampire T.55 Private Flying
F-AZTE/K24/X-CW C-47 Dakota Private Static/Flying
Mock-up NH-90 Eurocopter Static

serial aircraft squadron remarks
46+21 Tornado IDS AG-51 Static

serial aircraft squadron remarks
C.14-36/14-18 Mirage F-1M Ala 14 Flying
C.14-64/14-37 (s/c) Mirage F-1M Ala 14 Static

serial aircraft squadron remarks
J-5005 F/A-18C Flst 11 Spare
J-5020 F/A-18C Flst 11 Flying
J-3081 F-5E Tiger Patrouille Suisse Flying
J-3082 F-5E Tiger Patrouille Suisse Flying
J-3084 F-5E Tiger Patrouille Suisse Flying
J-3085 F-5E Tiger Patrouille Suisse Spare
J-3086 F-5E Tiger Patrouille Suisse Flying
J-3087 F-5E Tiger Patrouille Suisse Flying
J-3091 F-5E Tiger Patrouille Suisse Flying

The Netherlands
serial aircraft squadron remarks
J-016 F-16AM 312 Sqn Static
J-643 F-16AM 322 Sqn Static
L-02 PC-7 131 Sqn Flying
L-03 PC-7 131 Sqn Static
R-01 AB-412SP 303 Sqn Static
PH-IIB/B-118 T-6 Harvard RNLAF Historical Flight Static
PH-DHC/S-9 Beaver RNLAF Historical Flight Static
PH-OUQ/3W-17 Spittfire Mk.9 RNLAF Historical Flight Static

United Kingdom
serial aircraft squadron remarks
ZJ239/R Griffin HT.1 DHFS Static
ZJ274/74 Squirrel HT.1 DHFS Static
ZJ276/76 Squirrel HT.1 DHFS Static
XS727/D Dominie T.1 55 Sqn Static
XX188/CF Hawk T.1A 100 Sqn Static
ZH846/CU-587 Merlin HM.1 824 Sqn Static
G-PBYA Catalina Private Static/Flying
G-BKOU Jet Provost MK.3 Private Flying
G-BWGS Jet Provost MK.5 Private Spare
G-RORI/XR538/01 Gnat T.1 Private Flying
G-TBRD/CAF-21261 T-33 Shooting Star Private Flying
G-SABR/FU-178 F-86 Super Sabre Private Flying