Airshow Koksijde 4 & 5 July 1998

serial aircraft squadron remarks
RS01 Seaking Mk.48 40 Sqn Flying
RS04 Seaking Mk.48 40 Sqn Stand-by
RS05 Seaking Mk.48 40 Sqn Static
OT-ZPB/M2 SA.316B 40 Sqn Static
1x SA.316B 40 Sqn Flying
OT-ZKD/B-4 S.58 40 Sqn Static
A-22 SA.318C 16 Bn HLn Static
H-08 A.109HO 18 Bn HATk Static/Flying
H-40 A.109HA SLV Static
B-07/LG BN-2B-21 16 Bn HLn Static
ST45 SF.260D 1W Static in hangar
AT05 A-jet E 1W Static
AT25 (solo/c) A-jet E 1W Flying
AT26 A-jet E 1W Spare
MT13 (red/c) CM.170R 33 Sqn Spare
MT36 (solo/c) CM.170R 33 Sqn Flying
MT48 (red/c) CM.170R 33 Sqn Static
CH-10 C-130H 20 Sqn Static
FA67 (s/c) F-16A 10W Flying
FA71 (s/c) F-16A 10W Static
FA103 F-16A 10W Spare
FB04 F-16B 10W Static
PL73 Grob G.102 Luchtkadetten Static
G-OXVI/TD248 Spitfire XVI Private Flying
OO-DAF/H50 Harvard AT-16ND Private Flying
OO ESV/V-23 SV-4B Private Static
OO-29 Pottier P.80S Private Static
OO-NUE Pitts Private Static
OO-PHR DR.1050 Private Static
OO-USN (ex USAF 42-16532) PT-17 Flying Legends Static/Flying
OO-JKT Fw.33J Flying Legends Static/Flying
OO-TGM (ex RAF BB731) DH.82A Tiger Moth Flying Legends Static/Flying
OO-SVT (ex FAF 9) SV-4D Flying Legends Static/Flying
OO-EBL Viima II Flying Legends Static/Flying
OO-LYR SV-4C Flying Legends Static/Flying
OO-MOR (ex FAF 279) MS.317 Flying Legends Static/Flying
1x RJ-85 Sabena Flying

serial aircraft squadron remarks
T-401 T-17 Flyveskolan Flying/Static
T-402 T-17 Flyveskolan Flying/Static
T-404 T-17 Flyveskolan Flying/Static
T-426 T-17 Flyveskolan Flying/Static

serial aircraft squadron remarks
E48/314-TD A-jet E EAC00.314 Flying
E163/314-UM A-jet E EAC00.314 Flying
52/33-FK Mirage F-1C EC03.033 Flying
85/33-FR (camo/c) Mirage F-1C EC03.033 Flying
520/33-FL Mirage F-1B EC03.033 Flying
2088/JCR AS.350B Ecureuil Gendarmerie Static
3617/CYA AS.342M 1 RHC Static
3529/CWU AS.342M 1 RHC Flying
272 Lynx HAS.2 34F Static

serial aircraft squadron remarks
80+61 BO-105M HFVAS400 Flying
43+41 Tornado IDS JbG-31 Static

serial aircraft squadron remarks
MM54514/61-64 MB-339A 213°Gruppo SVB/61 stormo Static
MM54447/61-02 MB-339A 213°Gruppo SVB/61 stormo Static
MM54250/4-33 TF-104G-M 20°Gruppo AO/4° stormo Static
MM54254/4-36 TF-104G-M 20°Gruppo AO/4° stormo Static
MM7003/I-93 Tornado IDS TTTE Static
MM80986/15-15 HH-3F 82°Centro SAR Static

The Netherlands
serial aircraft squadron remarks
L-05 PC-7 131 EMVO Flying
L-09 PC-7 131 EMVO Flying

United Kingdom
serial aircraft squadron remarks
XV704/186 Sea King AEW.2 849 Sqn Flying
ZF117/VQ Sea King HC.4 846 Sqn Static
ZD480/E (SFOR mks) Sea King HC.4 845 Sqn Flying
XX638 Bulldog T.1 CAS Flying
XX686/4 Bulldog T.1 CAS Static
XX689/9 Bulldog T.1 CAS Flying
ZF418 Tucano T.1 RAF Flying
ZE165/ZK Tornado F-3 11 Sqn Spare
ZE200/DB Tornado F-3 11 Sqn Flying
ZD402/31 Harrier GR.7 20 Sqn Flying
ZD406/35 Harrier GR.7 20 Sqn Flying
P7350/BA-Y Spitfire IIa BBMF Flying
ZA947 Dakota C.3 BBMF Flying
XV187 Hercules C.1 RAF Falcons Flying

United States of America
serial aircraft squadron remarks
96-26686 UH-60L 3-158th AVN Static
93-1008 OH-58D Kioa 1/4th CAV Static