Koksijde 2018

Koksijde : January

The start of a new year, and hopefully a very interesting and busy year for Koksijde. Unlike the traditional many F-16 visits in the beginning of the year, this year we had no F-16's coming to Koksijde before the 22nd of January. Also the bad weather was one of the reasons January was a quiet month. Nevertheless we still had some interesting visitors to start the year. On the 12th C-130 CH03 made one approach after its functional check flight. On the 16th a Cazaux based French Alpha jet made two IFR approaches, which was the first foreign visitor of the year. On the 19th the seventh of fourteen NH-90s ordered by the Norwegian Air Force, made a nightstop on its way to its homebase Haakonsvern HEL where it will serve with the 334 Skv. It landed in late afternoon and departed the next morning in bad weather conditions. It is the first of six NH-90s being delivered in the ASW variant. Norway expects three more NH-90s to be delivered in 2018 and we hope they will all transit through Koksijde during their delivery flight. On the 22nd three F-16 from Florennes made a base attack and woke-up Koksijde airbase with some jetnoise.

Koksijde : February

February brought us much better weather and some visitors as well. On the 8th two French Alpha jets each made one IFR approach before leaving to Beauvechain. On the 16th two Kleine Brogel F-16's made a base attack on the base. On the 21st a French Navy Dauphin first flew over to NHV in Ostend to drop a person and came to Koksijde to take some fuel. Afterwards they made an LZ landing on the helipad of the hospital of Veurne, Ieper, Gent and Brugge and made an intermediate landing at NHV again to pick-up the person before leaving back to Le Touquet. This exercise was to become familiar to the Belgian helipads at the hospitals in case they should take over the SAR duties of the Belgian Air Force in case no helicopter is available. On the 28th an NH-90MTH from Beauvechain made some low passes and made a fuelstop afterwards before leaving back to Beauvechain again.