Koksijde 2020

Koksijde : January and February

Traditionally the year starts with (more than usual) F-16 practice approaches, and this year was not an exception. On the first flying day of the year, the D-Day striped 349 Sqn F-16 and 20 Sqn C-130 visited Koksijde for some training approaches. The first full stop visitor was Agusta H-31 on the 3rd of January. On the 15th an Irish Air Corps AW-139 helicopter crossed overhead on its way to Liege for maintenance. On the 28th a RAF Chinook crossed the airfield on its way to the north, probably to Norway for winter training.

On the 10th of February another RAF Chinook passed overhead on its way to the north. As the Irish Air Corps AW-139 274 passed on its way to Liege in January, this was the sign that not long after that another one would return back to Ireland. On the 11th of February AW-139 278 came back from maintenance in Liege. On the 18th Federal Police Air Support MD902 G-17 came in for fuel after an intervention in Koksijde. Before landing at the airfield they landed at the soccer field in Koksijde village. G-17 is the latest addition to the MD902 fleet of the Federal Police. Furthermore the usual visitors of the Belgian Air Force came to Koksijde for training approaches throughout the month.