February 2011
date serial aircraft squadron remarks
3. D-HAFH Bell 205 Agrarflug Helilift overshoot to the UK
7. E-20/705-MS A-jet E EAC00.314 overshoot
E-81/705-FO A-jet E EAC00.314 overshoot
E-119/314-FE A-jet E EAC00.314 1x h&g
8. CH09 C-130H 20 Sqn 1x t&g, refueling, 4x t&g, 1x l&g
XZ643 Lynx AH.7 1 Regt. overshoot to Manston
10. 81 SA.365N2 35F 1x l&g
14. ST02 SF.260M+ 1W 1x t&g
81 SA.365N2 35F 2x overshoot along the coastline (to/from NHV)
15. 1x C-130H 20 Sqn overshoot
21. H-44 A.109BA 1W refueling, arrival/departure
22. FA95 F-16AM 10W overshoot
23. FB17 F-16BM 10W 1x l&g
AT32 A-jet 1B+ 1W 1x l&g
AT27 A-jet 1B+ 1W 1x l&g
24. CH04 C-130H 20 Sqn 4x h&g
28. ZA935 Puma HC.1 33 Sqn overshoot from Manston

Credits: Tom Houquet, Wim Houquet, Mike Derijcke, Kenny Plaetevoet, Jens Lingier, Filip Candaele, Bart Provoost, Kevin Vermoote