Koksijde 2021

Koksijde : January

2021 started very good at Koksijde. In the first week of January there were 3 extra panther crash tenders at Koksijde so the fire and rescue category could be raised to CAT8! This means that each aircraft type in the Belgian Air Force can land. The extra fire capacity was needed for an exercise from 4 till 7 January to qualify some C-130 crews to fly NVG approaches. Due to the extra fire category the sole A400M from the Luxemburg Armed Forces made some touch and goes on the 6th, which was the first A400M to touch the ground at Koksijde. The start of the new year traditionally brings a lot of F-16's for IFR approaches, and this year was no exception. In the first week we got no less than 23 approaches of the Fighting Falcon which was a lot more than previous years! The rest of the month was a lot calmer with the usual Marchetti's and Agusta's. On the 25th Agusta H-27 arrived late afternoon and did a local night flight out of Koksijde, to depart back to Beauvechain after taking some fuel. On the 26th the commander of the Belgian Air Force, Thierry Dupont, visited Koksijde with Marchetti ST47. On the 27th C-130 CH13 made one low approach and continued its training mission to Ostend.

Koksijde : February

February was a short and calm month again. In the beginning of the month there was some snow which prevented flying activities, but in the second half of the month we got nice weather. On the 9th C-130H CH-11 made four low approaches in superb evening light which resulted in very nice pictures. On the 10th NH-90MTH RN-07 made an IFR approach. On the 22nd Irish Air Corps AW139 278 made a fuelstop on its way to the Agusta Westland facilities in Liege for maintenance.

Koksijde : March

The first visitors of the month were two QRA F-16s from Florennes which made each one low approach on RWY11 at the end of their training mission. On the 5th a Piper Super Cub from the Luchtkadetten made a low pass, an aircraft not often seen in our region. Later that day an Irish Air Corps AW139 flew over from Liege back home after maintenance in the Agusta Westland maintenance center. On the 8th an NH-90 from the Netherlands Air Force made a quick fuel stop on its way from Culdrose (UK) to De Kooy (NL). Later that week the same NH-90 made a fuel stop again back to Culdrose. From the 19th till the 26th Arizona Dream exercise was held at Koksijde which resulted in a lot of A400M activities. On the 25th the commander of the air component visited the exercise and came with Marchetti ST46. On the last day F-16 FA-129 made no less then 7 low approaches which is really unusual for Koksijde. They started with two PAR approaches followed by 5 visual closed patterns.

Koksijde : April

The first day of the month was a busy one with a touch and go of an SF.260 and a full stop landing of two other SF260's, three F-16's for a training approach and one A.109 for an IFR approach. For the rest of the month there were a lot of SF.260's for training approaches and full stop landings. On the 7th and 9th a C-130 came to Koksijde for exercises with the Belgian Pathfinders. On the 7th the Cessna Citation of the Dutch Aerospace center came to calibrate the navigation aids. In the morning of the 12th of April one Armée de l'air Rafale made a nice low pass over RWY11. The unit of the jet remains unconfirmed but most probably it is based at Saint-Dizier. On the 13th a NH-90MTH based at Beauvechain made a nice low pass during a navigation flight. They continued their journey along the coastline to Zeebrugge and went back to Beauvechain. The same day three UH-60M Blackhawks based at Wiesbaden in Germany flew over to Mildenhall in the UK after a fuel stop at Chievres. They supported the visit of U.S. Secretary of Defense, Lloyd J. Austin III to London on the 15th of April. On the 16th the trio made the reverse journey. On Monday afternoon the 26th two Mirage 2000D's based at Nancy made a nice low and fast pass over RWY29 before leaving back to France. This was the second time this month French jets visited Koksijde, we hope to see some more in the future. On the 27th an MD902 from the Federal Police came to practice some emergency procedure and made a fuel stop in between. On the 29th an Irish Air Corps AW139 landed to take some gas on their way from Baldonell to Liege for maintenance. We were treated with excellent views as they landed at the very end of the runway and taxied close to the aeroclub. As this wasn't enough the helicopter was parked on the apron close to the fence and took off from its position. All this in sunny conditions.

Koksijde : May

The month of May started with a really nice visitor. A Mirage 2000D based at Nancy in eastern France made a nice low pass over the runway during a navigation flight over Belgium. Throughout the month a lot of F-16's made it to our coastal base for IFR approaches or only to pass overhead and brought the necessary jet noise. On the 24th A.109 H-24 wearing the old demonstration color scheme did some exercises at Lombardsijde and came to Koksijde to refuel a couple of times. On the 27th three Florennes based F-16's did a spectacular base attack coming from the west while two others simulated an engine failure. Very nice to see all this action in the timeframe of half an hour.

Koksijde : June

June was more quality than quantity. On the 14th the pilot of the F-16 which made some nice VFR patterns knew exactly what photographers wants. His closed patterns were perfect for some nice action pictures at the aeroclub. On the 22nd four Army Air Corps Wildcat AH.1 helicopters made a fuelstop at Koksijde on their way back to Yeovilton after a deployment of several weeks in Europe. It was nice to see a packed visitors ramp and to have some action of arriving and departing helicopters. Two days later an Irish Air Corps AW139 made a fuelstop on its way back to Ireland after having maintenance in the Leonardo facilities in Liege.

C-130 Night Vision Goggle training

From the 4th till the 7th of January, three C-130H Hercules of the 20th Sqn/15th Wing in Melsbroek did night vision goggle (NVG) training at Koksijde. To fly tactical missions pilots are using night vision goggles to see in complete darkness. These goggles amplify the light so unlighted objects become visible. So all lights at the aircraft and airfield must be turned off to prevent being blinded by the excessive light. They did this training in Koksijde as most of the training in foreign countries are cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus. On Monday and Tuesday two C-130's did numerous touch and goes in complete darkness. On Wednesday and Thursday only one Hercules came to Koksijde to qualify the pilots after their training on Monday and Tuesday. We would like to thank the personnel and crews of the 20th Sqn for their excellent support so we could make superb pictures!

NH-90 Winching exercise @ Oostduinkerke

On Saturday afternoon February 27, the crew of NH-90NFH RN-01 did a winching exercise with the Belgian SAR vessel Brandaris in front of the beach of Oostduinkerke. This spectacular exercise at very low level and high speed (33 kts / 60km/h) attracted many people on the beach and was a great show of force of the crew of the 40th Sqn. This shows again how professional and well trained they do their daily job. Afterwards the crew made some great passes to greet the many spectators at the beach. Thanks a lot to the whole crew for this great demonstration.

Arizona Dream

From Friday 19th till Friday 26th of March, exercise Arizona Dream was held at Koksijde airbase in Belgium. The exercise was planned to be held at MCAS Yuma in Arizona/United States of America, but the corona pandemic forced Belgian Defence to look for a -closer from home- alternative, hence the name Arizona Dream. Arizona Dream was the very first exercise with the brand new Airbus A400M, this only 6 months after the arrival of the first aircraft. The aircraft detached for the exercise, CT-03 MSN109, was delivered to the 20th Squadron/15th Wing only on the 3rd of March! For the exercise three panther crash tenders and extra fireman were brought over to Koksijde.

The exercise was to set up a Foreign Operating Base (FOB) to fly operational missions. On Friday the 19th all the necessary cargo to support the missions and maintenance of the aircraft were flown over to Koksijde in only one flight. To inform the surrounding villages of the increased flying activities during the exercise, a small press conference was organized. During the weekend technicians installed all the equipment needed for the operation center. To operate this high-tech aircraft a connection needs to be made to the maintenance data server and strategic data links needed to be set up for the missions. To communicate with the aircraft UHF, VHF and HF radios and antennas needs to be installed. Finally secured mission planning computers were installed and cameras were set up at the operational zone to protect the aircraft from unwanted visitors.

On Monday everything was ready to receive the aircraft and the exercise could start. After a training mission from its home base in Melsbroek, A400M CT-03 arrived around noon and was detached to Koksijde for the rest of the week. The next days they flew training missions (which were normally flown out of Melsbroek) in Belgium and abroad. In between the flights the maintenance teams were busy keeping the aircraft ready for its next mission.

On Wednesday the mayor of Koksijde, the governor of the province of West-Flanders and the military province commander visited the airbase to have a close look at this giant transport aircraft. On the last day of the exercise General Major T. Dupont, commander of the Air Component, and other high ranked military personnel joined the last mission and were given a demonstration of the excellent capabilities of the aircraft. In the evening the aircraft departed back to its home base and this concluded this successful exercise. On Friday 26th all the equipment was flown over to Melsbroek, once again in one single flight.

C-130 exercise with Pathfinders

From 6 till 9 April the Belgian Pathfinders, based at Schaffen, practiced their tactics in West Flanders. Due to the Corona pandemic the Pathfinders were forced to practice their tactics in Belgium. The 15th Wing based at Melsbroek supported them with one C-130 Hercules. Due to technical issues with the 47 years old hercules, flying was limited to only one nightmission on Wednesday and a day mission on Thursday and Friday.

During the nightmission the Pathfinders selected, secured and guided the hercules to the landingzone which was on Koksijde airbase. The students needed to learn the specific procedures to guided the C-130 safely to the landing zone. At the end of the practice runs the C-130 landed and picked up a vehicule at the end of the runway. The -Blue hour- and the close distance to the fence resulted in great photographic conditions and pictures.

On Thursday and Friday the Pathfinders had to select, secure and guide the dropzone at Moorsele airfield to allow paradroppings at low altitude. After the paradroppings, which took one hour and half each day, the C-130 came to Koksijde again for some practice runs for the pathfinders at Koksijde which secured the landing zone again. It was nice to see our Belgian Pathfinders at work as they usually practice these tactics in countries far away from.

Alouette III at Ijzertoren

The days are numbered for the 50 year old Belgian Navy Alouette III fleet as the retirement will be in the beginning of July. Only two of the original three helicopters are still in operational service and the unit only has two pilots and three Flight engineers left for the final missions. On the 18th of February Alouette III M-1 left Koksijde for naval ship Leopold I. They will first head to the Mediterranean and join the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and will support operation CLEMENCEAU 21. They will do PEDRO missions (SAR) for the rafales based on the Charles de Gaulle. Thereafter they will continue via the Suez channel and the Horn of Africa to the Strait of Hormuz. Mid May the ship and Alouette III will be back in Belgium after a 3-month during mission.

The remaining crew at Koksijde is still training hard with the second Alouette III M-2 to remain current for deployments in the future. On Monday morning the 26th of April they had a very special mission in Diksmuide. The crew made some fantastic passes near the Ijzertoren to allow us making some very nice simulated Air-to-Air pictures. Several passes in each direction and even some hover work resulted in incredible nice pictures of this old lady. I would like to thank everyone involved so much to make this happen!

Alouette III - 2021

This is a selection of pictures taken in 2021, the final year of the Belgian Navy Alouette III helicopters based at Koksijde. All these pictures were taken during normal training missions at Koksijde. We would like to thank the crews for the many flyby's or photoshoots.