January 2016
date serial aircraft squadron remarks
4. FA70 F-16AM 10W 1x l&g
FA114 F-16AM 10W 1x h&g
FA131 F-16AM 10W 1x h&g
FB24 (s/c) F-16BM 10W 1x h&g
5. FA95 F-16AM 10W 1x l&g
1x SF.260 CC Air overshoot
6. ST41 SF.260D CC Air 1x t&g, refueling
ST44 (s/c) SF.260D CC Air 2x t&g
1x F-16 BAF 1x l&g
8. 1x A.109BA 17 Sqn MRH arrival/departure
11. CH04 C-130H 20 Sqn 1x l&g
FB24 (s/c) F-16BM 10W 1x l&g
12. ST47 SF.260D CC Air 1x t&g
13. 89+58 (s/c) Sea King MK.41 MFG 5 refueling to the UK
ST19 SF.260M+ CC Air overshoot
ST24 SF.260M+ CC Air 3x t&g
ST32 SF.260M+ CC Air 2x t&g
ST41 SF.260D CC Air refueling
ST48 SF.260D CC Air 2x t&g
14. CM02 Falcon 20E 21 Sqn overshoot in formation with NH-90NFH RN03
20. G-04 C.182RG Federal Police arrival/departure
21. ST02 SF.260M+ CC Air 1x l&g
RN06 NH-90MTH 18 Sqn MRH 1x h&g
22. ST44 (s/c) SF.260D CC Air arrival/departure
RN06 NH-90MTH 18 Sqn MRH 1x h&g
26. ST41 SF.260D CC Air 2x t&g
28. G-16 MD902 Federal Police Patrolflight over Veurne
29. G-16 MD902 Federal Police refueling
RN07 NH-90MTH 18 Sqn MRH departure after 300hrs inspection (see 16/12/2015)

Credits: Tom Houquet, Wim Houquet, Mike Derijcke, Giano De Haasse, Tom Vermoote, Niels De Ruyck