Koksijde 2023

Koksijde : January

The new year started relatively calm. The usual F-16 low approaches started as from the 2nd, and we also got some marchetti's as well. When the weather cooperated, some very nice pictures could be taken with soft winter light. On the 13th one NH-90 from the 18th Sqn in Beauvechan made one IFR approach, but on the 27th RN-05 made a local flight out of Koksijde during the day. On the 20th one MD902 from DAFA, the Federal Police, came to Koksijde for some training in the morning. They did some autorotations and training approaches on the runway. On the 20th, 27th and 31st, one A-400M flew overhead the base to simulate material drops.

Koksijde : February

On the first day of the month, no less than two A-400M's came to Koksijde for training. CT-01 made three landings to practice specific procedures for the Special Forces to operate with the Grizzly. A second one made some touch and go landings. On the 7th, one Royal Netherlands Air Force PC-7 based at Woensdrecht made two IFR approaches. On the 9th, one Royal Netherlands Air Force Cougar crossed along the coastline to Le Touquet and returned to Gilze Rijen later that day via the overhead. On the 10th, four F-16's from Kleine Brogel did a base attack. On the 16th, NH-90 RN-05 made a fuel stop as well as two A.109's. On the last day of the month, two Royal Air Force Chinooks passed overhead on their way back to their home base Odiham.