April 2022
date serial aircraft squadron remarks
1. FA83 F-16AM 10W overshoot
FA89 F-16AM 10W overshoot
FA95 F-16AM 10W overshoot
FA116 F-16AM 10W overshoot
4. FA116 F-16AM 10W 1x l&g
5. L-05 PC-7 131 Sqn EMVO 2x t&g
8. ST03 SF.260M+ CC Air 2x t&g
ST35 (s/c) SF.260M+ CC Air 2x t&g
FA84 F-16AM 2W overshoot
FA92 F-16AM 2W overshoot
11. ST40 SF.260D CC Air refueling
12. ST35 (s/c) SF.260M+ CC Air 1x t&g
FA77 F-16AM 10W base attack
FA83 F-16AM 10W base attack
FB20 F-16BM 10W base attack
14. ST42 SF.260D CC Air 2x t&g, refueling
ST48 SF.260D CC Air 2x t&g
FA77 F-16AM 10W 1x l&g
FA107 F-16AM 10W 1x l&g
FA77 F-16AM 10W 3x l&g
19. ST18 (s/c) SF.260M+ CC Air 2x t&g
FA133 F-16AM 2W overshoot
20. G-17 MD902 Federal Police arrival/departure, refueling
21. ST43 SF.260D CC Air overshoot
22. ST36 (s/c) SF.260M+ CC Air 1x l&g
FA81 F-16AM 10W 1x l&g
FA103 F-16AM 10W overshoot
FB21 F-16BM 10W 2x overshoot (to the sea and back)
26. ST46 SF.260D CC Air 1x t&g
27. ST43 (s/c) SF.260D CC Air 2x t&g
FA136 (s/c) F-16AM 10W 1x l&g
277 AW139 301 Sqn overshoot from Liege (see 05/01/2022)

Credits: Wim Houquet, Mike Derijcke, Christopher Noens, Niels De Ruyck, Kenny Plaetevoet, Davy Lucidarme